Special tips and tricks for Facebook

When you have so many people in your friends list, it feels like a responsibility to answer all the individuals, whenever you come online because if you don't answer any of them they might feel dejected and it can sour your relations with them as well.

It almost happens every time that we don't wish to talk to everyone and just want make our own list of people to whom we can reply whenever we want to and at the same time we also want that the other people shouldn’t see us and when they don't see us they will not feel dishearten but is this work possible? 

tricks for Facebook

Special tips and tricks for Facebook

Off course, this is possible and here is the steps that you can aid you in doing this-

The very first step that you need to take is that simple go to the Chat setting option, which is located at the bottom right side of the page and then just click on the gear icon and after that click on the advanced settings option. A window option will come up in front of you, which says

“Turn on chat for all friends, except...” just at that point simply start adding your favorite people names in that, in front of whom you don’t wish to come online. Now, once you are done with this simple feature, you will not be able to become visible to the listed people until you wish too. So, it’s a cool option to go for.

Tired of the boring video that pops-up in front of you without your will, just shut them, want to know how, keep on reading.

You may have found this problem many times that in your Timeline, some videos come up and start playing itself, even though you don't like the video. So, what to do when you want to avoid this problem? The answer is quite simple; you need to go for the option of auto-play video option.

Follow the simple steps to resolve this problem-

1- Firstly go to the settings option of the Facebook.

settings option

2- After that go to the videos option.

3- Simply, turn off the auto-play video option.

videos option

4- And if you always face the problem of slow internet then simply go for changing the option from HD to SD.

The next trick is the magic trick; want to know what magic’s one can do on the Facebook, keep reading-

Don't wish to let everyone to see, don't allow, want to know how, keep reading

This is a quite cool option to go for because you can find many options in this part and they are

  • Press Up, 
  • Up,
  •  Down, 
  • Down, 
  • Left, 
  • Right, 
  • Left, 
  • Right, 
  • B, A, 
  • Enter key then press up & down. 
  • Now,
If anyone finds any problem, while opting these options, don't panic, just reload the page and try again by pressing the F5 button.


Hope these type tips and tricks  of Facebook will help you to enjoy Facebook from little type. Once we know everything about social sites then we can enjoy more and more from other friends. This trick will help you to share something more high definition videos on your Facebook timeline.


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