ChampOne C1 Booking Online with Prefect GMT

ChampOne C1 Booking Online 1 501 Rupees Mobile is available for buy when you register before 2nd september 2016 @ original site

ChampOne C1 Booking Online Information
The New ChampOne C1 sports a 13-Megapixel Primary Autofocus rear camera with a LED Flash and can capture 720p Videos at 30FPS ChampOne C1 Booking. It also sports a 5-Megapixel Secondary front camera on board for better selfies and Video Calling ChampOne C1 INR 501. The Camera also features an automatic beautify 4.0 mode for selfie enthusiasts It is Packed with a 2,500 mAh battery pack, that can last a day of usage ChampOne C1 Register.

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The New handset features a 5.0-Inch HD 1280×720 Pixels resolution IPS Display. It is Powered by a 1.3GHz Quad-core MT6735 processor which is paired with 2GB of RAM It supports Dual-SIM with 4G LTE Connectivity and runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating system ChampOne C1 INR 50…

How to Open Multiple Facebook Account In Google Chrome

Hello fans, Today we are sharing with you specialtipsofFacebookwhich called How to Open Multiple Facebook Account In Google Chrome, There are many Facebook tips and tricks, People always trying to know something newtipsof this social site, 
This is a also a very attractivetipsof this social site, Using this you can use many Facebook accounts in same browser or in Google chrome easily, Its a simple and easy method, It no required any script or any supporting device for this.
How to open two or many Facebook accounts on one computer
Yes using this you can open many fb accounts in one  computer, Actually, this trick fully completed by the browser, There are no need any extra setting in your computer or PC, You can also use more browser for open many fb accounts on the same computer, But using our trick you can do it in the same browser, Which is Google Chrome.

Open multiple Facebook accounts on your Google chrome
Every one knows that Google Chrome is most popular browser, high amount of i…

How to Add Reply Button In Facebook Page Comment Latest

Add Reply Button In Facebook Page Commentis nice trick for attract for impress more friend on this platform, So after share many tutorial of Facebook today we are sharing with you latest method How to Add Reply Button In Facebook Page Comment, 
Actually we was also share some another method of reply button but they are not power full so today we are decide to add new and latest method which work in all browser also in mobile browser. After many try today, we including this method for you, 

This is a simple and also attractive you see our Demo for this, If you wanna more attractive you Facebook page than you must do something new and also get latest new feature for your page, sing some tips and tricks your page get more leaks.
Add Reply Button In Facebook Page CommentWhy you must wanna add reply button in your Facebook fan page?  The Facebook is a bigger platform for your internet marketing, Every company or product have their fan page, 
Using fan page they direly advertise and popular the…

How to Export all your Facebook Contacts to gmail Hotmail LinkedIn

Export all your Facebook Contacts to gmail Hotmail LinkedIn is very easy if you know it's right working method or trick, 
So for this today we are sharing with you a very useful article for export your Facebook contacts to many Mail serves and also linkdin  which is How to Export all your Facebook Contacts to gmail Hotmail LinkedIn, There are many tutorial for this,
I watch check that many tutorials have not completed many steps, We were getting many emails for this, After research working method now we are appearing with you. Using half or bad tutorials you can't export your contacts to Gmail, 

Hotmail Linkdin and many like these type service providers, Today we are sharing with you a complete method using that you can easily do it. Lets try our simple and also more useful step by step tutorial for this and give it a try.
How to Export all your Facebook Contacts to HotmailFirst, you must Create a Yahoo Account.Now Login into your yahoo account.Now go to address.

How to unblock Facebook on a school Collage Office computer

Unblocking Facebook on a school or in office computer is really so easy, Many people don't know how to get it, So for this today we are share with you a attractive Facebook trick for how to unblock Facebook on a school Office computer, Using this you can open any where your any education portals like My Student Portals, Facebook account very easily,  
Now time of tech and internet technology, Now in the world a big percentage of people are using social sites, Twitter,fb,and Google plus is most popular social sites, You often see that always people busy on social sites and chat and many more like this type sites, 

Every one know that Fb is the biggest social site, Now every one using this all around the word, But Boy and people are using social site in school and office its not fair. How to unblock Facebook on a school Office computer
Why Facebook Blocked in School ComputerNow time study method is something advance, Now Boys  can see any demo using their computer, Every school also in…

Special tips and tricks for Facebook

When you have so many people in your friends list, it feels like a responsibility to answer all the individuals, whenever you come online because if you don't answer any of them they might feel dejected and it can sour your relations with them as well.

It almost happens every time that we don't wish to talk to everyone and just want make our own list of people to whom we can reply whenever we want to and at the same time we also want that the other people shouldn’t see us and when they don't see us they will not feel dishearten but is this work possible? 

Special tips and tricks for Facebook Off course, this is possible and here is the steps that you can aid you in doing this-

The very first step that you need to take is that simple go to the Chat setting option, which is located at the bottom right side of the page and then just click on the gear icon and after that click on the advanced settings option. A window option will come up in front of you, which says